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Nutritional advice

Nicole is committed to providing up to date, evidence-based nutritional advice which is designed to be practical and achievable at the family table and in any social setting. Nicole believes that children are not ‘mini-adults’ and that they have very specific nutritional needs. Whether it is simply improving a child’s intake and range of foods or treating an underlying clinical condition with diet, Nicole aims to consider the individual needs and complexities of each child and family.


She has extensive experience in the following areas:- Food Hypersensitivities (allergies & non-allergic food reactions) diet for autism and ADD/ADHD, diets for epilepsy, healthy eating in children, breastfeeding, infant feeding, introduction of solids and finger foods and maternal nutrition.

Tried and Tested Recipes

Having three growing boys of varying ages (plus a number of older cousins) Nicole and her wonderful helper Nomsa have had more than enough experience in cooking for babies, toddlers and teens. See the recipe tab above for some of their tried and tested recipes.















Whether one is wanting advice and menu planning for a young family at home or advice on a suitable, child-friendly menu for a restaurant, Nicole can tailor-make meal plans and shopping lists to suit your family or client’s needs. 

Menu consultations
Assessment & Adaptation of School & Playgroup Catering

Nicole has experience in reviewing and giving advise on school catering systems based on current National and International guidelines. This may range from simply advising on current snacks given to children at a pre-school, to facilitating the complete overhaul of the menu chosen for a school canteen or tuckshop.

Jacksons Real Food Market & Jacksons Kids

Nicole worked closely with the Johannesburg-based Jacksons Real Food Market for over 2 ½ years and shares many of the same passionate beliefs as the whole foods store ie that children’s food should be cooked from scratch using good quality, ethically sourced, locally produced, fresh ingredients, free of additives. These shared principles led Nicole to develop ‘Jacksons Kids’ and create ‘Captain Jacks Pirate Ship’ – the kids food section in the Jacksons food store in Bryanston providing Nicole with invaluable experience in the Food Retail Sector.

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