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Pork Sausages, peas and pap (or mashed potato!)


I only buy sausages from a certified butcher who can guarantee what ingredients and cuts of pork have been used in the filling mixture. I have liased with a butcher and deli owner to cut the amount of salt he puts in the sausages so ask your local butcher to do the same! The ‘Little Eaters’ Sausages I recommend are made by Breyers Deli ( David-the deli owner/butcher sells his special sausages at the Fourways Farmers Market every Sunday. The sausages are made of pure pork shoulder meat, homemade breadcrumbs which are yeast free, a small amount of milk, herbs and spices




Mielie Meal or Potatoes




Baby peas

Gravy Powder




  1. Peel some potatoes, cut into wedges and place in cold water. Bring to the boil and once soft-add a little milk and margarine (optional) and mash. Mieliemeal or ‘Pap’ is a firm favorite with my boys-worth a try for something different with the sausages! Make up the 'pap' using the instructions on the side of the packet.

  2. Heat the grill of your oven. Line a baking tray with tinfoil (shiny side down) Place the sausages on the tray and grill for 20minutes, or until cooked-turning regularly.

  3. Steam some baby peas in a steamer or boil ½ cup peas in ¾ cup water in the microwave .

  4. I use instant Gravy (Bisto Instant Chicken Gravy). It does contain salt but each child only has about 2 tblsp per meal!


For young toddlers and babies who can chew- take care not to overcook the sausages. Peel off the sausage casings once cooked and cut the sausage into bite sized pieces as finger food-ALWAYS monitor your children when eating to reduce the choking risk


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