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Roast Chicken




1 large free-range chicken

2 lemons-halved

a bunch of thyme

4 tblsp butter



  1. Crush the thyme and mix with the butter and salt.

  2. Push this mixture under the skin of the chicken over the chicken breasts and over the drumsticks.

  3. Squeeze some of the lemon juice over the top of the chicken and place the other halves inside the chicken.

  4. Place on a roasting tray and cook in a preheated oven (180*C) for approximately 1 hr or until the juices run clear.


Our take-out’ (however rather expensive!) version of this is to buy a whole cooked chicken from Woolworths and to take off the softer pieces of meat eg breast meat/thigh meat. Cut into small pieces for finger foods and offer with rice and vegetables. The chicken can also be cut into very small pieces and mixed with the rice and gravy. I use 1-2 Tbls made up gravy powder (try Bisto Instant Chicken Gravy).




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