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LittleEaters has a range of happy clients and patients. Heres what some of them have had to say...

'Just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me for Poppy's transition to solids during our appointment. Your suggestion of cutting back on her milk intake during the night has definitely helped to increase her appetite. I have also tried the clever ideas you gave me to get her used to different textures and they have all worked really well. You really put my mind at ease about the possibility of choking which I think is what was holding me back with solids. Meal times are definitely a more relaxed and enjoyable time of day now, so thanks for all your useful advice, I really appreciate it!'

'Thank you for your assessment and useful information, I will let you know how it is all proceeding but it has helped Amy a lot in understanding what/how to change her eating habits'

'Nicole's expert and informative advice always comes with such a personalised and caring approach. She offers very knowledgeable information and above all is reassuring to a worried mother. Having three children of her own means that she can relate to all your concerns and help to find manageable solutions'

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