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Grilled Lamb or Pork Chops


My most useful kitchen apparatus for cooking for the children is what we call the ‘hopper’ or ‘spaceship’ according to my children! This is a small convection oven which cooks anything from sausages to chops to chicken breasts and heats up quiches/pies etc while keeping them crisp. The benefit is not needing to heat up an entire oven to cook small amounts of children’s food!




2 Free Range Pork or Lamb Chops

a pinch of seasoning (try Nomu lamb/pork rub)



  1. Heat the oven Grill

  2. Place the lamb or Pork Chops on a baking tray or rack and place under the grill or bake them in the ‘hopper’/oven for approx. 8 mins at 180*.

  3. The meat should still be pink inside and tender. Allow to ‘rest’ for 5 minutes. Slice the cooked meat into thin strips and small bite-size pieces.

  4. Cut up into rice or mashed potato with gravy or for a good lunch meal. Mix in some cut and peeled tomato and avocado and moisten with cream cheese and butter.


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